2017 - 2018 Administrative Policy Manual Published February 1, 2018 
    Aug 18, 2019  
2017 - 2018 Administrative Policy Manual Published February 1, 2018 [ARCHIVED COPY]

Section 1 - Officers of the Board of Regents

1.2.5 Institution Responsibilities: Part-Time Faculty

1.2.5 Institution Responsibilities: Part-Time Faculty

Reviewed May 28, 2013

See Board of Regents Policy Manual Section 1.2.5.

Georgia Gwinnett College may hire at its discretion part-time faculty in a temporary or partial-year capacity to supplement its full-time faculty and address its teaching needs. The hiring procedures of part-time faculty are consistent with those of the hiring of full-time faculty except when conditions require short notice of hire, at which time Georgia Gwinnett College may conduct a local search to fill an immediate need.

The designations “temporary” and “partial year” distinguish faculty positions by extent of workload and access to personnel benefits otherwise extended to full-time faculty. “Temporary” employees work less than one-half time or are employed one-half time or more for no more than six calendar months at a time. Temporary employees are not eligible for staff benefits, holiday pay, or sick and annual leave accruals, but are required to participate in the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (GDCP) and the Medicare portion (1.45%) of FICA. The employing unit may terminate a temporary employee at any time without notice. When an individual who has been temporary becomes a regular employee, that employee must then be placed into either a newly created or previously established line item position or lump sum labor position. Also, when the employment status of a classified employee changes from “temporary” to “regular,” the period of temporary employment may not be considered retroactively as regular employment. The employee is not entitled to regular employee benefits during the period of temporary employment.

“Partial-year” faculty positions must have inclusive employment dates covering at least nine but fewer than twelve calendar months and must be at least one-half time. Individuals employed in partial-year positions are considered regular employees and have the same rights and privileges as other classified employees during their partial-year employment period. During the partial-year leave period, the employee may elect to retain his or her insurance coverage by making the appropriate premium payments to the Employee Benefits Department prior to the last working day of the partial-year employment period. Partial-year employees are not eligible for holiday pay for those holidays occurring during the designated leave period, nor are they eligible to receive unemployment compensation benefits during this period.