2021-2022 Catalog 
    Jun 17, 2024  
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED COPY]

Nexus Degree in Professional Sound Design

The Nexus degree in Professional Sound Design for Film and Television is consistent with the College’s goal of preparing students for gainful employment at the local and state levels. The film and television industries continue to grow and to seek educated individuals to enter the workforce to support demand. The Nexus degree in Professional Sound Design for Film and Television has been created with input from industry professionals, who support the measure to recognize students with specialization in film/television production. Moreover, the Nexus degree’s emphasis on hands-on experiential learning is aligned with GGC’s dedication to innovative education and to its commitment to producing “graduates who can anticipate and respond effectively to the changing world;” in this case, the ever-changing film and television industries.



General Education Requirements (42 hours)

The primary objective of the general education requirements is to guarantee that all students seeking an Nexus Degree will share a common body of knowledge drawn from a broad spectrum of subject areas.


Legislative Requirements

Georgia law requires that each candidate for the degree demonstrate knowledge of the history and constitution on the United States and Georgia.  These requirements may be met by receiving a passing grade in certain courses, or by passing the appropriate examination.  the courses and the requirement(s) each course satisfies are as follows:

  1.  HIST 2111   or HIST 2112   satisfied the Georgia and U.S. history requirement (if taken at a University System of Georgia institution)
  2.  POLS 1101   satisfies the Georgia and US Constitution requirement (if taken at a University System of Georgia institution)
  3.  Students with transfer credit (HIST 2111 , HIST 2112   or POLS 1101 ) from outside the University System of Georgia will need to contact the Testing Center regarding the legislative exams requirement.


Associate of Nexus Requirement (18 hours)

The Nexus degree requirements, which includes existing GGC General Education and three required Georgia Film Academy (GFA) courses:  GFA 1000 , GFA 3140  and GFA 4000  .  Students in the Nexus degree can continue on towards a Bachelor Degree in the Cinema and Media Arts Production.

Program Outcome Goals

After completion of the Nexus degree program, the students will be able to:
1. Utilize effective communication on-set.
2. Operate professional film equipment.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of film industry standard organizational structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures.
4. Perform basic skills required for on-set working film and television productions.

General Education: (42 semester hours)

Area A - Essential Skills: (9 hours)

Must be completed with a grade of C or higher

Area B - Institutional Option (4 hours)

Area C - Humanities/Fine Arts (6 hours)

Select one from the following:

Area D - Natural Science, Math (11 hours)

Select one from the following:

Area E - Social Science (12 hours)