2021-2022 Administrative Policy Manual 
    Dec 05, 2023  
2021-2022 Administrative Policy Manual [ARCHIVED COPY]

Section 2 - Institutional Governance


Delegation of Authority

Policy Number: 2.7
Effective Date: March 12, 2020
Revision History: August 2, 2019; August 4, 2016
Policy Contact: Executive Assistant to the President

Purpose and Policy Statement

This policy authorizes the chain of responsibility for delegation of authority to act on behalf of the President, with signing authority, under the following circumstances:

• In the event the President is unable to execute duties due to incapacitation or chooses to delegate responsibility for other reasons or
• In the event of an imminent campus emergency where the President cannot be reached for consultation and a threat-to-life issue is involved.


This policy pertains to all employees of Georgia Gwinnet College.


In the situations mentioned above, the President may appoint any University System of Georgia employee to serve with the full authority to act on behalf of the President.  If the President is unable to make such a designation, the following individuals in the positions listed below are authorized to assume that authority in the order listed herein. If the Provost or ranking vice president is unavailable, the next in line shall assume responsibility and authority:

  • Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs/Provost
  • Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management Services
  • Vice President for Information Technology
  • Vice President for Student Engagement and Success
  • Vice President for Advancement

If the President and all of the vice presidents are incapacitated simultaneously or unavailable for other reasons, the most senior dean by length of tenure as dean will assume authority until the President or one of the named vice presidents can assume authority or until the Chancellor’s Office can make an interim appointment.

Related Regulations, Statutes, Policies, and Procedures

BOR 2.6.5 Delegation of Authority and Responsibilities