2022-2023 Catalog 
    Feb 26, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED COPY]

Health Science - Concentration - Patient Navigation

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123 credits required for graduation


As an interdisciplinary degree, Patient Navigation curriculum provides students with skills allowing them to practice as healthcare professionals in different settings. Core curriculum includes medical terminology, drug therapy, health equity, collaborative care, health ethics, and healthcare reimbursement.  Patient Navigation specific content will teach students to guide patients and family through treatment; develop community resources; apply patient navigation concepts across the lifespan; examine social determinants and their impacts on patient health outcomes; collaborate with healthcare professionals. 

The Health Sciences Program Outcomes are a follows: Upon completion of curriculum for a Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree, the student will:

  1. Understand concepts related to physical and mental health and wellness
  2. Discuss various trends in health care and social determinants impacting health care
  3. Apply professional and leadership principles to a variety of health care roles
  4. Collaborate with health care providers in the provision of health services
  5. Demonstrate necessary communication and scholarly activities for graduate education.


General Education Requirements (60 hours)

The primary objective of the general education requirements is to guarantee that all students seeking a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree will share a common body of knowledge drawn from a broad spectrum of subject area.

Additional Requirements (3 hours)

The physical education requirement is comprised of one credit hour of Wellness and two credit hours of additional Physical Education courses.

Legislative Requirements

Georgia law requires that each candidate for a degree demonstrate knowledge of the history and constitution of the United States and Georgia. These requirements may be met by receiving a passing grade in certain courses, or by passing the appropriate examination.  The courses and the requirement(s) each course satisfies are as follows:

  1. HIST 2111  and HIST 2112   satisfies the Georgia and U.S. History requirement (if taken at a University System of Georgia institution)
  2. POLS 1101   satisfies the Georgia and U.S. Constitution requirement (if taken at a University System of Georgia institution).
  3. Students with transfer credit (HIST 2111   or HIST 2112   or POLS 1101  ) from outside the University System of Georgia will need to contact the Testing Center regarding the legislative exams requirement.

Major Requirements (60 hours)

The major requirements consist of three areas of study: Common Curriculum Core, Concentrations and General Electives.  The Common Core is designed to ensure that students receiving the BS degree in Health Science will share a common body of knowledge needed fro a wide range of  private and public sector organizations.  Concentration courses allow students to delve further into areas of specialization.  General Electives give students an opportunity to explore topics of interest at an advanced level.

Program Outcome Goals

Students completing the concentration area of Patient Navigation will:

  1. Demonstrate skills and knowledge to guide patients, caregivers, and family members through a treatment plan with the goal of improving patient outcomes.
  2. Identify and utilize community resources for patient navigation to support the plan of care
  3. Apply patient navigation concepts across the lifespan in acute and non-acute settings
  4. Examine cultural, sociopolitical, psychological, legal, ethical, and economic factors that impact patient navigation
  5. Collaborate with health care professionals in the development, implementation and evaluation of patient’s plan of care.

General Education: (60 semester hours)

Area B - Institutional Option (4 hours)

Area C - Humanities/Fine Arts (6 hours)

Area D - Natural Science, Math (11 hours)

Area E - Social Science (12 hours)

Additional Requirements (3 hours)

Physical Education Requirement

Program of Study (60 semester hours)

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