2022-2023 Administrative Policy Manual Published September 2, 2022 
    Apr 20, 2024  
2022-2023 Administrative Policy Manual Published September 2, 2022 [ARCHIVED COPY]

Cellular Devices and Services

Policy Number: 8.2.86
Effective Date: February 16, 2023
Revision History: March 2021
Policy Contact: Vice President for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer

I. Purpose and Policy Statement

The Office of Planning and Budget Georgia Technology Authority Policy Memorandum No. 4 states that all state agencies shall develop a telecommunications policy to manage and minimize the costs of using telecommunications equipment and services. Georgia Gwinnett College (“GGC”), at its discretion, may provide a cellular device and associated voice and/or data services when 1) job functions meet the criteria defined in the eligibility section, 2) job performance will be enhanced significantly, and 3) a cellular device and/or service is the most cost-effective means to address business needs.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all members of the campus community. The campus community includes all faculty, administrators, staff including student workers, students, alumni, interns, and volunteers as well as members of the Board of Trustees, College-sponsored advisory committees, visitors, vendors, and other service providers.  

III. Definitions

Cellular Device: A device, such as a smartphone or tablet, that can send and receive data via radio waves.
Wireless Voice and Data Service: Fee-based communications service provided by an Internet Service Provider or telecommunications company.

IV. Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Information Technology.
    1. All aspects of cellular device management including requisition, inventory, assignment, training, and support shall be performed by Information Technology (“IT”). IT will also monitor usage for the purpose of gauging ongoing needs and identifying unauthorized charges. Based on the requirement to manage and minimize costs, IT will conduct an annual reauthorization process.
    2. IT will maintain a small pool of cell phones that may be activated for short-term needs when use of a personally owned device would exceed incidental levels. Short-term requests may be submitted to the IT Helpdesk by an immediate supervisor.
    3. Exceptions to this policy and suspensions of the policy may only be made by the Vice President for Information Technology or designee.
  2. Supervisor.
    1. After evaluating business needs and eligibility criteria (see eligibility section below), a supervisor may submit a request with justification to the IT Helpdesk. Upon approval by the Vice President for Information Technology or designee, an IT staff member will contact the requestor to determine the standard device or service that will meet the business need.
  3. Employee.
    1. A GGC-issued cellular device must be used primarily for business needs and may not supplant a personally owned device. Internal Revenue Service Notice 2011-72 indicates that an employer-issued cellular device must be used primarily for non-compensatory business reasons in order to be treated as a de minimis fringe benefit, excludable from the employee’s gross income. Incidental personal use of GGC-issued cellular device or service is acceptable. 
    2. GGC cellphone users may contact the IT Helpdesk to request temporary activation of international plans when they will be traveling internationally for work-related purposes.
    3. If personal use results in additional service charges, the employee is responsible for the cost and will reimburse the College for unauthorized charges. 
    4. The employee will notify the IT Helpdesk if the GGC-issued device is lost, stolen, or damaged; employees may incur replacement costs for lost, stolen, or damaged devices. The device is College property and must be returned upon separation from GGC.
V. Eligibility
  1. A request and justification for a cellular device and service plan may be submitted to the IT Helpdesk when ongoing communication needs may not be met by less expensive alternatives such as campus collaboration software that provides chat, call, and/or video capabilities. The device and service plan must be the most cost-effective means to address the business need.
  2. Further, the device and/or service should significantly enhance job performance; requests will be considered for the following roles:
    1. Senior administrative positions including Executive Assistants, Directors and above, Deans and above, Associate Vice Presidents and above, and President.
    2. Employees who work in the field and respond to public safety, facilities, or environmental emergencies.
    3. Employees who have travel requirements that exceed 30% of the time on average and cover a wide geographic area.
    4. Employees who remediate disruptions to critical 24 x 7 services such as the campus network.
  3. Employees who meet eligibility criteria may choose to use a personally-owned device for business communications if the immediate supervisor agrees that this option is acceptable. Employees who do not meet eligibility criteria for a cellular device may be eligible for a softphone.
  4. Requests to purchase a smartphone with no voice or data plan will be considered based on justification.
VI. Personally-Owned Devices
  1. Employees who occasionally or periodically need to use a cellular device for routine business needs may use a personally owned device with the caveat that cellular devices, in general, are not recommended for transmitting sensitive data.
  2. Business related communications made using minutes or measured service in excess of a pre-paid service plan may be reimbursed. A copy of the bill indicating personal and business-related usage must be provided to the GGC travel office by the applicable employee’s budget manager.  After reviewing these bills and verifying that the expenses requested for reimbursement comply with policy, the budget manager should submit all documentation to travel@ggc.edu for processing.
VII. Enforcement

Individuals found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary or legal action.

VIII. Related Regulations, Statutes, Policies, and Procedures

Office of Planning and Budget Georgia Technology Authority Policy Memorandum No. 4
 Acquisition and Use of Telecommunications Services and Equipment
 IRS Notice 2011-72