2022-2023 Administrative Policy Manual Published September 2, 2022 
    Apr 14, 2024  
2022-2023 Administrative Policy Manual Published September 2, 2022 [ARCHIVED COPY]

Faculty/Staff Professional Travel

Policy Number: 8.2.93
Effective Date: February 20, 2023
Revision History: Reviewed May 26, 2016
Policy Contact: Assistant Controller

I. Purpose and Policy Statement

The Statewide Travel Policy as provided by the State Accounting Office applies to all State Agencies, including units of the University System of Georgia (“USG”). Therefore, Georgia Gwinnett College adheres to the travel regulations set forth in the Statewide Travel Policy and in the supplemental USG travel policies when employees are required to travel away from headquarters in the performance of their official duties. All GGC employees, especially those responsible for authorizing, approving and paying travel costs, should establish a good working knowledge of the travel regulations in the Statewide Travel Policy. This policy provides additional narrative and guidance on GGC specific travel policies. Non-Exempt employees who travel on behalf of the College will be compensated according to FLSA regulations, which include payment for travel time.

II. Scope

All faculty, staff and students are required to follow this policy if traveling for Georgia Gwinnett College.

III. Professional Travel at the Request of the College

Travel at the request of the College is normally paid in accordance with current Board of Regents/State rules and regulations. Individuals should strive to travel as inexpensively as possible without interfering with the business that they have been requested to perform. College policies for travel reimbursement will be used and should be reviewed by the traveler prior to departure.

IV. Professional Travel at the Request of the Employee
  1. An employee’s request for travel within the United States or to Canada will be handled at the discretion of the applicable Dean or manager. An employee’s requests for travel outside the United States or Canada should be recommended by the applicable Dean or manager and approved by the President’s Cabinet. Approval will be contingent on available funds and other relevant considerations. Generally, funds for international travel will be limited to those giving professional presentations. Funding up to $1,500 will be considered.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Business Manager of the traveler’s department to allocate the appropriate amount of funds for travel.
  3. As a general rule, professional leave will not be granted to teaching faculty for more than eight (8) days in any academic year and/or for more than five (5) days in any one (1) semester.
V. Travel Allowances for Faculty

Faculty members are encouraged to participate in the activities of learned societies. When faculty take a significant part in the meetings of such groups, the College makes every effort to help defray their travel expenses. Requests for such allowances should be made to the applicable Dean. Faculty members are reimbursed for travel expenses according to the guidelines as outlined by the Board of Regents.

VI. Related Regulations, Statutes, Policies and Procedures

Board of Regents Policy Manual 7.6 Travel
Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual Section 4 Travel
Statewide Travel Policy