2022-2023 Administrative Policy Manual Published September 2, 2022 
    May 28, 2024  
2022-2023 Administrative Policy Manual Published September 2, 2022 [ARCHIVED COPY]

Entrance Salary

Policy Number:       
Effective Date: February 27, 2023
Revision History: March 17, 2022    
Policy Contact:  Director of Human Resource Operations

I. Purpose and Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to ensure consistency in compensation practices with entrance salaries while affording the appropriate level of flexibility needed at all organizational levels.  Entrance salaries for new staff employees, promoted employees, internal transfers, and rehired employees are determined based on the salary range to which the job they occupy is assigned.  

II. Scope

All employees of GGC are covered by this policy.

III. Definitions

Base salary or base pay: The rate of compensation for a standard work period, job, or position exclusive of bonus payments, benefits, additional payments or allowances.  It can be expressed as an annual salary, or as being paid hourly, weekly or monthly.

Salary/pay range: The GGC approved pay range for a position, consisting of a minimum zone, proficiency zone, and maximum zone base salary amount.

Minimum salary zone: The least amount of compensation that will typically be paid to a new hire in the salary grade for the classification or position.

Proficient salary zone: The competitive salary expected for experienced and fully competent employees for the classification or position. 

Maximum salary zone: The maximum salary to be paid for a job assigned to that grade, classification or position. 

IV. Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Chief Human Resource Officer (“CHRO”) or designee: Ensures all managers are aware of the policy and provides guidance on its appropriate use.  The CHRO, or their designee, is responsible for ensuring that entrance salaries are fairly and properly evaluated and administered in accordance with policy and applicable federal and state laws, and appropriate documentation is maintained.
  2. Human Resources: Provides guidance to management on appropriate application of the policy. In compliance with the policy, follows appropriate procedures to administer fair and equitable evaluations of entrance salaries.
  3. Chief Business Officer or designee: Certifies the availability of funding associated with compensation changes and alignment with fiscal affairs policies.
  4. Direct Manager: Responsible for compensating new hires/rehires fairly and consistently in compliance with institutional policy, USG policy, budgetary limitations, and in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.
  5. Cabinet Member: Responsible for being familiar with GGC’s compensation practices and guidelines; responsible for compensating employees fairly and consistently within their division.
V. Compliance
  1. GGC’s wage and salary administration program provides guidance on an employee’s salary at the time of hire and ensures consistency in applying this policy at the institutional level.
  2. GGC employees are paid from state appropriations and/or other appropriate fund sources held by the institution for work performed on its behalf. All salaries are subject to budgetary authorization and funding limitations.
  3. When determining entrance salaries, various factors should be taken into consideration by the manager, including but not limited to internal alignment and equity, external market conditions, job responsibilities, and required qualifications.
  4. The base salary, or base pay for a new employee, promoted employee, internal transfer or rehired employee shall normally be at least in the minimum salary zone for the position to which the person is appointed. Placement within the range depends on relevant factors including, but not limited to, internal alignment and equity, external market conditions, funding availability, job responsibilities, and required qualifications. Before employing an individual at a rate higher than the minimum salary zone, hiring managers are strongly advised to review the salary levels of all other current employees in the same or similar classifications.
  5. The base salary, or base pay, for an employee who is rehired into the same position will follow the entrance salary guidelines.  The Chief Human Resource Officer, or designee, has the discretion to approve a higher salary with appropriate review and justification of factors including, but not limited to, length of absence, market changes during their absence, internal alignment and equity, and confirmation of funding availability.  
VI. Related Regulations, Statutes, Policies, and Procedures

BOR Human Resources Administrative Manual (“HRAP”) Policy on Entrance Salary
BOR HRAP Policy on Position Classification