2022-2023 Administrative Policy Manual Published September 2, 2022 
    Apr 20, 2024  
2022-2023 Administrative Policy Manual Published September 2, 2022 [ARCHIVED COPY]

Pay for Class Coverage

Policy Number:
Effective Date: March 1, 2023
Revision History: Reviewed May 26, 2016
Policy Contact: Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs/Provost; Vice President for Human Resources

I. Purpose and Policy Statement

Faculty members and professional staff who cover other faculty’s class(es) due to such faculty’s illness or other unexpected absence will be paid for the extra work, guided by established policies and procedures.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all GGC faculty and staff.

III. Compliance

In the case of the illness or other unexpected absence of a faculty member, those faculty who cover the classes missed during the absence of the instructor of record will be compensated after one full week has passed. Beginning with the second week that a faculty member covers the class, the faculty member will be paid a rate of $100 per credit hour per section taught per week and shall be compensated at the same rate also for the first week that the faculty member taught, provided that the faculty member has or will have fulfilled a full teaching load requirement. A faculty member who is receiving compensation for covering a class shall be paid for a full week regardless of the number of classes met during the week.

The Department Chair and School Dean will verify that the absent full-time faculty member has submitted sick leave, or in the case of part time faculty, generate a memo explaining the absence to comply with financial audit requirements. Extra compensation in these situations is subject to approval of the dean, provost, president, CFO, and Human Resources.